In short we can take full care of a process of getting you a beautiful collection of your chosen models. Raven’s Nest Painting is a company created in 2012, working originally through ebay to provide painted miniature services. A professional approach to the hobby Top Miniatures is one of the largest commission painting studio worldwide, providing painting services for miniature boardgames such as Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Infinity, Malifaux, D&D & many more. Finding the right painting service can be a challenge, especially if it’s your first time using one. More. I offer miniature commission painting for Warhammer, Malifaux, Infinity, Bolt Action and many more wargames. We specialise in miniature wargaming and provide a range of services. We espect to paint more than 5.000 miniatures in more than 120 wargame projects in 2021, we´ll apply our miniature painting experience & techniques  in your favourite models. What is our paint job way? If you’re just getting started in a game, this is the perfect commissioned painting package for you! Are you looking for a reliable business partner to outsource your manufacturing/painting jobs? Welcome to CB3's collectibles. Upon seeing pictures, videos and receiving my models I was not disappointed, they captured the essence of Halo for me in the 47 models they painted. Most of our projects were painted on level 4 "Elite". Lunar Dragon; Level 3. I've listed the commission miniature painting services by area. 1/48. Infinity Army, Malifaux, Aristeia Miniatures. Our professional team of warhammer painters want to provide pro painting miniatures  service because this great job deserve that their community have pretty good armies. I love to talk with people about their armies and characters, and strive to make my clients' visions a reality. Miniature Painting Service. I am based in the UK and have over 20 years experience in building, brushing, and airbrushing. So usually we only use three or four for our miniature painting service. … Cheers! For a confirmed price quote on though on some miniature painting, please contact us here. When you contact a typical painting service, you tell them what you want to have painted, choose quality and check their price list. Siege Studios – Premium Commission Miniature Painting. Our mission is to make it possible for everyone to have an amazingly painted army in the shortest time. Services. You are responsible for the delivery of … Your professional company dedicated to miniature painting service The best miniature painters at your service for high quality miniature painting We´ve painted more than 5.000 miniatures in more than 120 wargame projects in 2021 we´ll apply our miniature painting experience & techniques in your favourite models Bases are simple but add to the model. We paint miniatures worldwide but we especially focus our miniature painting projects at United States of America. Customers Reviews In miniature painting Services I will paint any miniature with any style, warhammer, dnd etc 5.0 (4) 9 GALLERY. The objective of our Miniature Painting Services is to satisfy the needs of wargamers, so we try to accomodate you needs, however there are some basic T&C that apply to all our order: The prices detail above include only painting and sealing of miniatures if desired. Dicey Studio Miniature Painting Service Welcome to our website! 25-28MM. In this website, completely dedicated to painting miniatures, you can see tones of pictures and photos of Warhammer 40k, Age Of Sigmar, Infinity, etc. All of the pictures are from the orders of our clients. Copyright © 2020 Oidut Studio. We offer 6 different painting levels. anymore, just check these commission painters. Discover our way. Web developed by Ricardo Diaz. Our staff of twenty talented people - painters, assemblers and sculptors From the Warp: … Here you can find answers for frequently asked questions by our users about our paint job, how you can send us your completed armies, and much more! You don't have to wonder "who would paint my wargame or boardgame minis for me?" If you are looking for turing your plastic sprues collection into actual painted miniatures, our service is for you. That´s our inspiration, but make sure that  a miniature painting studio could be really attractive pricing. Miniature Painting Service GMP Miniatures offers a professional miniature painting service to help you create your perfect wargaming army! That’s good if you want your miniatures to look normal, average, typical and common… If you´re looking for our faces, here you can know who we are! The OSL on the engines and covenant fleet are a particular highlight for me and bring the models to life … This website is intended to explain our standard in a warhammer commission painting service 40k space marines, Age of Sigmar or any other. Join the people that paint all kinds of miniatures! Painting levels similar to the tiers of buying a car model. Here you can learn about our painting service and enjoy galleries of our current and finished projects. Level 1: Sergeant (42) Level 2: … Webway Painting is a professional miniature painting service run by a fan of all things tabletop. Service cover painting metal or plastic figures 6MM to 54MM - Gaming Quality or Museum Standard. Board Games Miniature Painting Services. Star Wars Legion: Anakin Skywalker Commander. Our aim is to provide you with great quality models for a reasonable price. Commissions. 54MM Plastic. Upon learning they had experience painting miniatures made by Spartan Miniatures I was instantly sold on this studio to paint my Halo Fleet Battles models. Oidut Studio is one of the most important company dedicated professionally to miniature painting  and to the making of dioramas and scenery. These projects are usually reserved for single models and are painted by our best painters to the limit of their skill. Here at Siege we offer our clients a personal & friendly service from start to finish with the highest professionalism possible. The Brief Miniature painting commission services: If you don't like to paint, don't have the time or don't have the patience, there are others who can help you. The painter is chosen by the studio, and you usually receive a miniature painted in their typical standard and style. We cater for every customer, from the collector, to the war-gaming veteran. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Detailing is simple, but the models are fully suitable for gaming. HeroClix. Get your Den of Imagination gear today! 20MM. Are you looking for a really experienced miniature painting team specialist in historical miniatures? Services for collectors of miniatures and war gamers alike at reasonable painting charge. If you've got a commission in mind, please check out my commissions page, and drop … 20200713_124314. On these occasions we excel! IT´S THE TIME OF THE HIGHEST PAINTING QUALITY. 15MM. Buy pre-painted miniatures and armies. We adapt our level painting services and price to your needs. Arrives 11/20! Stellar Dragon ; Level 5. Our goal is to offer high quality services at a reasonable price and turnaround time. 35-40MM. Celestial Dragon; Level 4. For clients … Welcome The Art of Wargaming Studio is a full time miniature assembly and painting service based in New Jersey. We always have our eyes on painting miniatures. 6MM. MEET … Painting prices from this table represent the cost for painting one miniature and sealing it with a protective varnish coat. Miniature painting commission White Weasel Studio is one of the biggest commission painting miniatures and wargames studio. From impressive large armies to premium, showcase level painting, TAOB has you covered! Additional service will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis; Our operation is located in Lisbon, Portugal. My approach has always been quality not … Do you want to be a pro painted army by a professional miniature painter who started paipnting more of ten years ago? See more ideas about miniature painting service, miniature painting, mini paintings. The end result is a display quality miniature that will be the highlight of your collection. Level 4 is our Masterclass level of painting. However, as a miniature painting service that takes on a lot of ‘first timers’ we’d like to give you a break down of what we do and how we do it, as we find it helps: 1. We don´t have hidden terms. Then you have found the qualified professionals to develop your project! Assembling prices from this table represent the cost for asembling one miniature and it includes: cutting the parts from the sprues, cleaning the excesses, removing the mould lines, filling the gaps, gluing the parts together and drilling gun barrels and exhausts. Galactic Dragon; Level 6. WHO WE ARE. DMOZ Database of Painting Services; Guidelines . We’re as adaptable as a Space Marine. Zinnfiguren . The Art Of Battle is Australia's go to miniature painting service! From supplying the models at a good price through clearing all the mold lines from their parts, careful assembly and finally filling the gaps that are a result of an imperfect casting process. All; Age of Sigmar; Blood Bowl; Board Games; Dioramas & Scenery; Games Workshop boxed games; Historical Miniatures; Infinity; Level 1. Welcome to The Model Painter! LEVEL 1 BASIC. Miniatures. You will find my service of the highest standards. Miniature painting services Join us and get the high quality miniature painting service in the US with balance prices! We’ll apply base colors, and add a flat, protective coat so you can play your favorite games with confidence. We are an innovative company in the miniature painting service, and we’ve managed to build a professional, reliable service that didn’t even exist some years ago. On the special occasion the model the base itself requires more work than the model which is standing on it. Den of Imagination Studio is one of the largest painting studios which, offers worldwide services regarding miniature models. Mythical Dragon; Others; Warhammer 30.000; Warhammer 40.000; COMPANY. The Miniature Painting Service Process. We provide several professional services – miniature painting, freehanding, cleaning, assembly, basing, converting & sculpting, with each of us presenting several years of experience in miniature painting before the studio’s appearance. Memoir '44 Painted Figures for sale Bases Packaging Vehicles/Tanks Cyclist Zinnfiguren - Tin Figures-miniatures plates en étain-Fantasy figures Games Workshop Miniatures commission Painting 90MM & 120MM figures 75 - 80MM collectors' figures 54mm miniature commission painting charges 54mm plastic miniature commission painting charges 35 - 40MM miniature commission painting 28MM … LEVEL 1 – BASIC EXAMPLE. Miniature painting commission White Weasel Studio is one of the biggest miniature painting and wargames studio. Provide us with your desired models and we will take them on to create superb miniatures that will make you the envy at your next tournament! 10MM. You can use it to get a rough idea of how much your commission may come to. Welcome to Siege Studios, established in February 2013, we are a premium & professional commission miniature painting studio based in the United Kingdom. Then contact us! They can be described this way: Quality levels used for our miniature painting service: Basic gaming quality: the models are going to be simple but neat and clean (unless you want them to look dirty). More than miniature painting service. We also offer a selection of board and card games. Pre-Orders. Den of Imagination Studio is one of the largest painting studios which, offers worldwide services regarding miniature models. Besides just painting your minis we offer you a full suite of hobby services. We offer various levels of basing for every budget. You can customize your army and have half painted in different level or just your characters for example on level 5 and the rest on level 3.
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